Best Paper Award

In Communities & Technologies 2013 we continue the tradition of giving out a best paper award. To find the best paper we started with the original double-blind paper reviews – We selected all papers that did receive strong accepts only by the reviewers – that was four papers. The final versions of these four papers then were re-reviewed and ranked by the two program chairs and the two conference chairs. The ranking resulted in two papers standing out but not getting majorities among the re-reviewers. These two papers just had quite different merits. After some discussion, we finally decided to hand two best paper awards.

The best paper award of Communities & Technologies 2013 goes to:

  • Abraham Doris-Down, Husayn Versee and Eric Gilbert for their paper entitled “Political Blend: An Application Designed to Bring People Together Based on Political Differences” – download PDF
  • Emilia Louisa Pucci and Ingrid Mulder for their paper entitled “Agora 2.0: Designing Hybrid Communities” – download PDF


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