Communities & Technologies 2015

The web site for the upcoming Communities & Technologies in Limerick is now up and running:

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Proceedings in ACM Digital Library

The proceedings of the conference are now available in the ACM Digital Library – see

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Photos from the Conference

The photos we have taken during the conference can be found on Flickr – the URL for the Flickr galleries is

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Conference Dinner

Thanks to all of you for making the conference dinner in Augustiner Keller such a great event!

Some of the participants asked for a copy of the menu to keep – and since we did not have printouts for everybody here the digital version of the menu: ct2013-menue.pdf

And some interesting links:

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Best Paper Award

In Communities & Technologies 2013 we continue the tradition of giving out a best paper award. To find the best paper we started with the original double-blind paper reviews – We selected all papers that did receive strong accepts only by the reviewers – that was four papers. The final versions of these four papers then were re-reviewed and ranked by the two program chairs and the two conference chairs. The ranking resulted in two papers standing out but not getting majorities among the re-reviewers. These two papers just had quite different merits. After some discussion, we finally decided to hand two best paper awards.

The best paper award of Communities & Technologies 2013 goes to:

  • Abraham Doris-Down, Husayn Versee and Eric Gilbert for their paper entitled “Political Blend: An Application Designed to Bring People Together Based on Political Differences” – download PDF
  • Emilia Louisa Pucci and Ingrid Mulder for their paper entitled “Agora 2.0: Designing Hybrid Communities” – download PDF


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C&T13 Topics – Word Clouds

With an interdisciplinary conference like Communities & Technologies 2013 it often is an issue what the core topics of the conference are. For C&T13 we tried to address this question by analyzing the papers that were accepted to be presented at the conference. In the following two images you see word clouds built from all of the accepted papers and posters. The first image was built from the titles and abstracts only, the second image from the full texts (including references).

(word cloud from the titles and abstracts, by

(word cloud from the full texts, by

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Impressions from the first workshop day

Yesterday, the pre-conference workshops started in the main campus of Technische Universität München.

Find some documentation of the day in the Flickr gallery of the first day. Will will provide more photo documentation throughout the conference – See the “Galleries” tab in the conference web site.

Looking forward to the second workshop day and the conference/workshop reception in Kolpinghaus this evening!

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Conference Proceedings

C&T 2013 takes place in cooperation with ACM SIGCHI. The C&T 2013 proceedings are published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS) and by the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET). They are available from the ACM digital library (, and for free from the EUSSET C&T proceedings repository ( The ISBN of the proceedings (in the ACM ICPS) is: 978-1-4503-2104-4.

We also make available the reference information of all published papers in Mendeley, a cloud-based reference manager – see

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Countdown – minus two

Only two days until the first workshop day of Communities and Technologies 2013 in Munich!

As you can see, we already have prepared some material for the conference, and are looking forward to welcoming all of you in Munich!

The conference handbook also has been updated to version 2 – see for a PDF of the handbook.

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What to do in Munich? – Tollwood

If you are currently planning your stay in Munich, we have a recommendation:

Every summer the so called “Tollwood Summer Festival” takes place near the Olympic Parc in Munich – The festival hosts several concerts and performances (for which you have to buy tickets), but also large all-world market and lots of all-world food offerings. So, it is always worth to go there and enjoy the setting (even if you do not have tickets for one of the events). Just watch, that it is an outdoor event – so weather should at least be dry – but we still expect the best :-)

In summer 2013 from the 26th June until the 21st July Tollwood Festival is celebrating, it’s 25th anniversary – a nice fit with the time your are here in Munich.

See for more information on the festival and for directions.

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