Conference Keynotes

The scientific keynote at the conference will be given on Monday July 1st by Prof. Dr. Frank Piller (RWTH Aachen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on “Social Product Development”.

Frank Piller is a professor of management and the director of the Technology & Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology. He also is a founding faculty member and co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

His recent research focuses on value co-creation between businesses and customers/users, customer-centric value creation, strategies to increase the poductivity of technical problem solving, and models to cope with contingenices of the innovation process. Frequently quoted in The Financial Times, The Economist, and Business Week, amongst others, he is regarded as one of Europe’s leading experts in the fields of mass customization, customer-centric value creationand open innovation.

The industry keynote at the conference will be given on Tuesday July 2nd by Catharina van Delden (innosabi GmbH) about “Learnings from open product development for internal innovation processes”.

Catharina van Delden is founder and CEO of innosabi GmbH, a software company who helps companies to integrate consumers in early phases of product development. Amongst innosabis clients are Drogeriemarkt dm, Daimler, Ford, EDEKA, SBK or Görtz. innosabi was awarded twice by the German ministry of economics, e.g. as the best German ITC StartUp in 2011.

Mrs. van Delden holds an MBA from TU München and UC Berkeley, before that she studied marketing and food sciences. She was awarded multiple times by the INFOCOM future leadership award to the topics “Innovation in a downturn” and “Innovation driving service excellence”. Mrs. van Delden is author of several publications about open innovation and social media marketing.

See a recent interview with Catharina in The Next Woman Business Magazin which labeled Catharina “one of the most influential women founders”.

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